What is the best way to contact you?

Use the contact form or contact us directly via email at etcakes@me.

We promise to answer all inquiries within 1 business day… however, when in need of quicker response, please call us at 305-556-6111 for immediate assistance.

 What is the pickup address?

10840 NW 138 Street, Unit 2, Hialeah Gardens FL 33018

What is the pickup protocol?

  • Please contact bakery number upon arrival: (305) 556-6111 and give us your name and what car you are in.
  • Make sure your cars Air Conditioner is on and  nice and cold so the cake can acclimate to the temperature.
  • Once you are home, if you are storing your cake for the next day, keep the cake in its original packaging and store it in your refrigerator. Do not leave it out or in a hot/humid room. This applies to any desserts being picked up as well.


        Where do you deliver to?

        We deliver anywhere in South Florida from WPB to Key West.

        Is there a delivery charge?

        Yes, delivery fees vary depending on distance from our bakery.

        Can I pick up my cake ?

        You do have the option to pick up your cake however we recommend using our delivery services to ensure your cake is properly taken care of.

        We cannot take responsibility for any issue that may arise after the cake has been picked up.

        Do you rent stands?

        Yes, but only if you secure a cake or desserts with us…

        Do you design custom cakes?

        Yes, contact us directly to schedule a design call.